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Our Ethos

The pursuit of Excellence and the achievement of Quality

The Ethos behind Childsplay nursey is very simple. We believe that allowing children access to good quality preschool education enhances their future life chances. It is proven that children who experience early years education are more advanced at the end of their Foundation Stage at School. It is therefore our duty to provide excellent opportunities for children to learn and develop with us. We ensure that we maintain the very highest levels of care for our children  while they attend nursery.

We recognise that each child is an individual and has specific needs. Our staff are trained to look at each child's individual care and learning requirements and tailor each day's activities to their needs.

Childsplay has a close link with the community, visiting the local library, church, businesses etc as regular as possible. We often invite people from the community to come to visit us at nursery eg local police, doctor, vicar. These visits and outings are always a big hit with the children, providing exciting and stimulating new experiences for them. We provide high quality activities and equipment for all developmental stages and monitor each child’s developmental progress closely.


We feel it is important that our children form a close bond with our staff as it can sometimes be a little upsetting being separated from parents/carers, we promote this by using a key worker system.


We promote equal rights and anti discrimination at all times.